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Aria Awakened

by FamilyJules

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Do you have the heart to face me?
The cries Of the one's that follow echo through the halls Of the crypt walls Can you now Find the path through the dark and the mighty ones who dwell in this dark hell I'll tear your apart while you're dancing to the beating of your heart You know you will never make it out alive Your heart will keep racing but family can't survive And every beat belongs to me the Necrodancer Pain is the fate that follows you inside my halls in the crypt walls Will you fall up against all the mighty ones I've brought from death To take your breath So steel your composure the time has to come to flee the crypt or Dance as if death would match your steps For now all depends on if you don't fall too far behind for I will draw in and I will put an end to the rhythm of your heart so now dance for your life Dance for your life Dance for your life You cannot hope to find your way on through this labyrinth so Dance Not cuz you want to I've taken control of this whole army Fight Because your family is trapped by me and You cannot not escape or find refuge Here, your beating heart controls your chance to Find the ones you've come to save see if you can find yourself Inside my crypt of walking death, you will die and join them if you can't survive and Dance for your Life Dance for me you're never free So Dance So Dance So Dance for your Life
The unholy moley Underworld bully I will crush those who oppose me Just like mummy told me My Ambitions are cavernous My motto is avarice With loot I get amorous With gold I am ravenous My manner is bombastic My statement sarcastic My flows pyroclastic My legends dynastic When I rise like Lazarus My Odor is always hazardous Your skill is at best average There's no way you can handle this I noticed your moves are atrocious So quote this Hopeless is what you are now bow down to a true star My voice is like like thunder I'll leave the earth to asunder so don't make a blunder you'll be six feet under you better hide under covers I'll do what I wanna Did your feelings get hurt Step up girl you better stay alert Or you're gonna be nappin up in that dirt Fortisimolle and I'm putting in work Well I hope you like room Cause now it will be your tomb All your plans will be ruined if you Don't play to my tune I thought you were gonna dig deep You sure didn't must be kiddin Now you can't make a peep Fortisimole in deez streets Yeah Pause for the cause From the windows to the walls See victory is not yours I came for the roars of applause And you're the main course Victory is mine
I have one chance Take one quick glance This last sacrifice I take one final Dance and say listen my child, every thing must come to an end my love, don't fear the crypt All must end, but for you and your family, not today Stop my heart, just please don't tear apart my will to make things right After all the pain I've caused to her and all the lives you stole for this you know your lust for power was at a cost The final end A death that cannot be cheated like it was before Fear not, daughter Or grand daughter You've helped me to bring peace to our cur-sed land for years so please fear not, daughter I must go but know I leave for you Please let me go Everything must come to an end Your time will come too But it's not today Stop my heart, just please don't tear apart my will to make things right After all the pain I've caused to her and all the lives you stole for this you know your lust for power was at a cost The final end A death that cannot be cheated like it was before Not Today


In 2015, Brace Yourself Games released the megahit, Crypt of the Necrodancer. Never before had people been given the option to combine rogue-like dungeon crawling with all the intensity of a rhythm game to the incredible soundtrack by Danny Baranowsky. YouTube guitarist FamilyJules provided the earth crushing metal soundtrack to the game and now you can experience the definitive mixes of those tracks, plus the 4 new tracks released in the new DLC, Crypt of the Necrodancer: Amplified.

Jules brings you all the songs you loved from 2015's Aria's Ascent but this time mixed to be more full, crushing, and clear. Get ready to hear all of the songs from before with added harmonies, sections, (explosions?) and overall clarity never before heard from these tracks. In addition to the four new tracks, also enjoy the album intro, Aria's Ascent, featuring Travis Carte as well as Molevolence, feat. Ahren Gray doing the Fortissimole rap in a metal style!


released January 24, 2017

All music composed by Danny Baranowsky

Vocals in Aria's Ascent by Travis Carte
Vocals in Dance For You Life by Jonathan Young and Jack Fliegler
Vocals in Molevalence by Ahren Gray of Killing the Messenger
Vocals in Not Today by Adriana Figueroa
Guitar Solo in Echoes of the Necrodancer by Richard Bichler

Jules uses Schecter Guitars and Ernie Ball Strings
Recorded using the Axe-FX II XL+ with Cubase 8.5


all rights reserved



FamilyJules San Diego, California

FamilyJules, or Jules, is an American guitarist best known for his video game music guitar arrangements on his channel at YouTube.com by the same name. He plays various instruments including Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar, Cello, Keyboard, and Ocarina and studied Classical Guitar in college.
Check out his covers at www.youtube.com/familyjules7x
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